ANVIL Coffee Roasters are a specialist, small batch, hand roasted coffee company in Basingstoke. Testimony to an industry is that it never stands still. A small, but perfectly constituted business in which someone is always pushing the boundaries and adding to anr ever growing knowledge of the little green bean

Moon Roast is a family business, run by enthusiasts. A small batch coffee roastery based in the heart of rural Hampshire. Inspired by a family heritage in the coffee and tea trades that spans four generations. After Francis Bradshaw commissioned a Probat coffee roaster in a barn in his backyard, roasting began at night after work. Marking the beginning of Moon Roast. Selecting coffee and developing roast profiles, supplying freshly roasted coffee to local people and businesses.

Freshly roasted Arabica coffee beans in the south of England

We only use the highest graded green coffee beans from all around the world which we hand roast individually in small batches to produce consistent great coffee.


Following steady growth, in 2017, grade 2 listed outbuildings were converted into a purpose built roastery two miles up the road on a working farm. An additional Probat roaster was installed as well as barista training facilities and a retail shop where coffee enthusiasts now enjoy visiting and collecting their beans. The move facilitated increased production and efficiency, enabled further development of products and improved customer support.


We always source our coffee as directly from origin as we are able, and our high-grade, 100% Arabica beans comes straight from small farms in coffee-growing countries like Rwanda, Kenya and Guatemala. Our coffee is seasonally selected at the roastery through the process of sample roasting and cupping when shipments of new season coffee have landed.

Artisan coffee roasters in the south of England

We roast at least twice a week; this ensures that our coffee is always as fresh as possible. We balance temperature, time, airflow and drum speed to highlight the best flavour notes of the coffee. During the roasting process, we pay close attention to detail, focusing on cupping post-roast to ensure a consistent profile. We also make sure that the roast date is on our bags for all to see.


Quality control is something we take very seriously, and we have methods in place to help discover the tastiest roast profiles and ensure consistency. In the roastery, we use moisture meters, refractometers and coffee roast colour analysers to make sure we always get it right. Bean density is taken into account too. Roasts are cupped every week to ensure consistency, to fine-tune roast profiles and blend components.


We source speciality graded Arabica coffees. This ensures that the small-holder farmers receive the right price for their coffee and that their farming practices remain kind to the environment.

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